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Scorpions “Crazy World Tour ”- Beijing 蝎子乐队“极限宇宙”北京演唱会

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蝎子乐队北京演唱会 详细介绍

蝎子乐队(Scorpions),德国著名的摇滚乐团,70年代初期发迹于汉堡南方的工业重地汉诺威。在乐团灵魂人物吉他手,也是创团团员的Rudolf Schenker,以及声音让人一听就难以忘怀的主唱Klaus Meine的带领下,Scorpions以狂泄的快速吉他演奏、强有力的打击乐器以及高能穿透力的演唱风格成为欧洲70年代数一数二的摇滚乐领导乐团。2015年5月1日,蝎子乐队首次来华,压轴长江国际音乐节,为中国乐迷献唱。

Klaus Meine - Vocals (1970-今)
Matthias Jabs - Lead Guitar(1978-今)
Rudolf Schenker -Rhythm Guitar (1965-今)
Pawel Maciwoda-Jastrzski - Bass (2003-今)
Mikkey Dee - Drums(2016-今)
回首当年,意气风发的Klaus Mieine,Rudolf Schenker 和Matthias Jabs带着他们的乐器、音响徘徊在刚刚从战后瘫痪中苏醒的汉诺威街道,而这一去,已是50年。在这50年中,他们已俨然成为德国,或者说欧洲大陆最为成功的摇滚乐队,德国人向世人证明,不光大众、奔驰和宝马可以在全球竞争,同样,经典的摇滚乐也可以德国制造。过去的几十年中,蝎子乐队的音乐被无数乐队进行翻唱,包括碎南瓜乐队(Smashing Pumpkins)、绿日乐队(Green Day)、科恩乐队(Korn)、坠落体制乐队(System of A Down)以及皇后杀手乐队(Queensryche)等。其中,光《摇滚如风》(Rock You Like A Hurricane)一首歌已被不同的音乐人翻唱150余次。
美国公告牌200第一张专辑:1979 Lovedrive (#55)
1988 Savage Amusement (#5)
1984 Love At First Sting (#6)
1982 Blackout (#10)
2010 Sting In The Tail (2)
2012 Comeblack (#7)
2014 MTV Unplugged (#7)
1982 No One Like You (#1)
1991 Wind Of Change (#2)
1989 I Can‘t Explain (#5)
1988 Rhythm Of Love (#6)
1990 Tease Me, Please Me (#8)
1991 Send Me An Angel (#8)
1993 Alien Nation (#10)
在德国,蝎子乐队的《Crazy World》已售出1亿余张,相比于其他摇滚界乐队,如涅槃乐队(《Nevermind》)、AC/DC(《Back In Black》)和枪炮与玫瑰乐队(《Use your Illusion I》),其依旧别具风格。1991年,他们当之无愧荣获“双白金”唱片。在瑞士和加拿大同样如此。此外,《Sting In The Tail》(1991)以及单曲《Wind Of Change》(1991)在德国达到白金销量,且后者在7个国家中荣登榜首!他们在全球获金奖无数,难以在此一一罗列。
1995年,巴西传奇“Rock in Rio”音乐节上,蝎子乐队旗开得胜,而在当时,“Rock in Rio”音乐节还是其它德国乐队在国外的最大梦想。他们的表演被记录于划时代现场专辑《World Wide Live》中,专辑成为乐队进军美国的重大突破,并奠定了其全球最热门现场乐队的地位。
1989年,“莫斯科和平音乐节”上,蝎子乐队凭借震撼的表演征服了俄罗斯人,这激励了主唱Klaus Meine写下不就之后成为俄罗斯铁幕落下的主题曲《Wind of Change》。
Started in Hannover, an industrial heartland to the south of Hamburg, Scorpions is one of the most celebrated German rock band throughout the globe. Under the lead of Rudolf Schenker, the guitarist and the founder of the band, together with Klaus Meine(vocals), Scorpions became one of the best rock band in Europe in the 70s. Violent guitar, powerful percussion and highly explosive rendition is the trademark of Scorpions. In May 1st 2015, Scorpions first came to China and gave a grand finale in the Changjiang Music Festival.
Band members:
Klaus Meine - Vocals (1970 to date)
Matthias Jabs - Lead Guitar(1978 to date)
Rudolf Schenker -Rhythm Guitar (1965 to date)
Pawel Maciwoda-Jastrzski - Bass (2003 to date)
Mikkey Dee - Drums(2016 to date)
50 years have gone by since the days the juvenile Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs wandered the streets of Hannover, which was just awakening from post war paralysis, with a barrow carrying their instruments and amplifiers. In these 50 years, they have become Germany’s, or rather Continental Europe’s most successful rock band, the living proof that not only VW, Mercedes or BMW are able to compete internationally, but classic rock music made in Germany as well. Countless bands, including the Smashing Pumpkins as well as Green Day, Korn, System Of A Down or Queensryche have covered songs by the Scorpions throughout the years. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” on its own was covered over 150 times by different musicians.
Expressing a career like the one of the Scorpions in mere numbers is almost impossible. However, one number that should still be mentioned is more than 100 million records sold to date. This makes the Scorpions the most successful rock band of Continental Europe by far.
Below, there is a small – far from complete – selection of further milestones from fifty years of Scorpions history:
Records sold worldwide: more than 100,000,000 units
Certified album sales in the four most important markets: 22 million
First album in the US Billboard 200: 1979 Lovedrive (#55)
Top Ten positions in the US Billboard 200:
1988 Savage Amusement (#5)
1984 Love At First Sting (#6)
1982 Blackout (#10)
Billboard top hard rock albums (Top Ten only):
2010 Sting In The Tail (2)
2012 Comeblack (#7)
2014 MTV Unplugged (#7)
Billboard hit singles (Top Ten only):
1982 No One Like You (#1)
1991 Wind Of Change (#2)
1989 I Can‘t Explain (#5)
1988 Rhythm Of Love (#6)
1990 Tease Me, Please Me (#8)
1991 Send Me An Angel (#8)
1993 Alien Nation (#10)
In Germany, the Scorpions have sold more than one million copies of “Crazy World” alone – and with this, in the rock genre easily draw even with Nirvana (Nevermind), AC/DC (Back In Black) or Guns‘N Roses (Use Your Illusion I). They deservedly received double platinum for it in 1991. Like in Switzerland and Canada as well, by the way. Additionally, “Sting In The Tail” (1991) and the single “Wind Of Change” (1991) were awarded platinum in Germany. Incidentally, the latter was No.1 in seven countries! The complete inventory of worldwide gold awards is simply too extensive to be listed here.
However, countless silver, gold and platinum awards are only one side of the Scorpions’ history. Another is their unabated desire to travel. No other rock band of their caliber after so many years takes to the stage as often as the Hannover natives. They have played thousands of concerts in all corners of the planet: in Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Moscow, Washington, Dubai, Paris or Berlin.
In 1988, they were the first Western rock band to play sold-­‐out shows five days in a row in the then still Soviet Leningrad. Pioneering achievements elsewhere as well: through very early concerts in China and Southeast Asia, they have opened doors for many other Western bands.
They’ve swept the board big time in Brazil in 1995 at the legendary “Rock in Rio” festival, when other German bands could at best dream of foreign countries. The performance is documented on the epochal live album “World Wide Live”, which was the band’s final breakthrough in the US, for all time cementing their reputation as one of the planet’s hottest live bands.
And then there was the 1989 “Moscow Music Peace” festival, where the Scorpions ultimately conquered Russia, inspiring Klaus Meine to write the track that not much later became the theme song to the Iron Curtain’s final fall: “Wind of Change”.
There were many magic live moments; some of them are captured on live albums, others on film and video recordings. These are the moments, which have cemented the Scorpions’ reputation as one of the rare bands rising far above the crowd.

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